Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mix 93.3 Jenny Matthews and Tyson - Kansas City Dog Photography

Jenny Matthews from Kansas City's Mix 93.3 is such a kind, genuine and beautiful person. When I heard her precious fur baby was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy (a progressive and incurable disease of the spinal cord), my heart instantly broke for her. As a dog photographer, my goal is to produce high quality memories for pet owners to cherish now and for many years after their furry child has crossed the rainbow bridge. My heart is so happy while I am photographing dogs and showing their unique spirits and human bond through my art. Dogs are just like children in my opinion and capturing every possible moment of our loyal, furry companions is so incredibly important. I am honored that Jenny allowed me to document her super-model Boxer, Tyson. He was a joy to work with. Tyson, you are one amazing doggy!

First, here is a special video that I have created. Just hit the triangle play button on the bottom left. (Warning: Jenny, this might make you cry, especially if you have the sound turned on)

I just love capturing moments like this. You can so feel the love that Jenny has for her boy. *Makes me tear up*

I will end this post with the family photo. Seriously, could this family BE any more adorable if they tried??! Thank you so much Jenny. I will remember this day forever.


Kristen Hale said...

Aww! That made me tear up! Such beautiful photos! He is a handsome boy! I love reading your blog and all the great things you do. Because of you I have started volunteering at Animal Haven. =) Thanks for making a difference in animals lives!!

Jenny Matthews said...

Totally crying over the video!! Perfect song. I love my T-Bone! Thank you again for everything... awesome photos and we will treasure them forever. You are the best!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry!!! I love dogs anyways and this makes me think about my own. I love them so much!!!

Linda bell(mom) said...

Ok honey, now this isn't fair you have made me blubber like a baby..I have tears running down my checks and I can't even see to type this. These are some of the most beautiful photosyou have taken that I have seen to date. You out did yourself on this shoot. He is such and amazing boy and it is so wonderful that you could do this and create such memories for this family. He is a gorgeous doggy.They will never forget this day.You are so thoughtful and generous to do this for them. I am so very proud of you and as always you are the light of our lives, We can't begin to hold a candle to your undying kindness for others.

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