Monday, April 19, 2010

Lisa + Ryan - Kansas City Engagement Photography

This weekend I was honored to photograph my dear friend Lisa and her fiance' Ryan. I have known Lisa since we were little kids in elementary school, growing up together in the same neighborhood. We have been through it all and I have been planning her future wedding in my head since we were in high school! I am blessed to be Lisa's maid of honor and also her photographer. This can only be accomplished at the wedding with the help of my wonderful hubby who will take over the photographs during my speech and other traditional moments where the maid of honor should be standing by her friend's side and not behind the lens.

We ventured through Westport in Kansas City for their engagement shoot and found so many great photo opportunities. It was a joy to capture their love on camera. I will save the rest of the mushy stuff for my speech, Lisa. I can't give it away this early! I love you dear friend and can't wait to celebrate with you in September on the big day.

Lisa was so nervous at first.. but just look at her! I think she has secretly modeled before.

I love how they are looking fierce right here! And Lisa has a little devious expression.

Seriously... I was totally in love with this little spot I found. Super light and a great setting. And they look so hot!

This photo would be my #1 favorite if it was just a little more focused. I am a bit critical of my work sometimes, but I still had to post this shot because it's so natural!

I have to give some credit to Ryan too. He was not your stereotypical guy who just trudged through the shoot because his girl wanted him to. He was totally into the photos and even picked out this great spot. I love the color! Ryan, you're a good man!

I will end with this photo because it just seems fitting. Congratulations again to my friends as they walk into the next stage of their life!


Linda bell (mom) said...

These are just beautiful honey. They are so many special ones that I can't imagine how they willever be able to choose their favorite. You are just too good now.They are I think one of your best sessions.They are all so naturaL AND THAT LIGHTNING IS GORGEOUS!!

Kenna Skinner said...

Great job, Jen! Love them!! Great location, great poses...AWESOME! Keep up the fantastic work! XOXO

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