Monday, April 12, 2010

Lily + Scooby

I had the pleasure of photographing quite the adorable pair of pooches this weekend. First up, meet Lily! She is a beagle/terrier and full of lovin! This 5 years young sweet girl immediately showered me in doggy kisses. How could I not love that? She quickly figured out I was armed with yummy treats and was my new best friend throughout the photo shoot, posing very pretty for me and giving me the "Hey, are you going to give me that treat yet?" look occasionally.

Next up, Scooby! The 1 1/2 years young German Shorthair Pointer, full of energy! He greeted me with lots of excitement and humored me for a little while during his photos. He was awfully fast though, so I had to run around to keep up with this sweetie!

Scooby's Mom Keri called this shot "his old man face." How hysterical. That's what I love about having a camera that shoots 6 or more frames per second... that always helps catch the most hilarious expression!

Getting these two together in one pose was not as easy as it looks. Their dad Ryan helped with taming Scooby and using the stay command "whoa" to calm him... it was quite tranquil!

This photo also makes me laugh. Just look at their expressions. Scooby is thinking "Uhhhh seriously, what are we supposed to be doing?" and Lily is thinking, "Duh, amateur... we are modeling... can't you get the hang of this?"

This one of Keri and baby Lily is my favorite from the day. So sweet.

And I will end with the adorable family photo! Thank you for allowing me to capture your fur babies, Keri! I had a blast!


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