Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breed of the Week - English Mastiff - Kansas City Dog Photography

I have recently started a new series on my blog and Facebook known as "Breed of the Week" where I will feature a different breed every week and list important facts about their particular characteristics, etc. I had many wonderful suggestions from my supporters and I am open to any additional comments as well.

This week, I chose the English Mastiff to feature. I met adorable Sara and her super sweet English Mastiff, Frankie, at the Gladstone Walk N Wag this past weekend. I can honestly say I have never seen a bigger dog before in my life! His head was huge! He was very endearing and fascinating and I can't wait to photograph him more. I snagged this photo below at the event. Sara says he is a bit shy, but I know I can get this boy to open up much more and have a ton of fun! Stay tuned for a photo session in the future with this fabulous boy! Here is a little information I found off

The Mastiff is a very massive, powerful, muscular dog. Dominance levels vary, even within the same litter, but they are often called a gentle giant. A born guard-dog, they rarely bark, but it is in its nature to defend their territory and family, and is more a silent guard rather than a barker. When an intruder is caught they are more likely to hold them at bay, either by trapping them in a corner or laying on top of them rather than an all out attack. You do not need to train them to guard. No matter how friendly they are, if they sense danger they will naturally guard on their own unless the owners are there to tell them otherwise. Self-confident and watchful, they are patient and considered excellent with children. Intelligent, calm, even-tempered and docile. This breed is very large and heavy. They respond well to firm, but gentle, patient training. They love to please and need a lot of human leadership.

Click here for more information on the English Mastiff.


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Jennifer, I love reading about the different breeds. This was such a good idea. Cheryl

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