Monday, April 26, 2010

Bob and Steve - Kansas City Dog Photography

The weather was not playing nice on Saturday. The clouds were darkening and the forecast was predicting scattered storms. I was convinced the rain would hold off until I was done with my doggy photo shoot. Afterall, I was praying hard!! However, it began to look bleak when light sprinkles turned to a harder rain. Cheryl and her doggies had come all the way from North Kansas City to the Shawnee Mission dog park, despite the dreary forecast. I have always been a very persistent person, so we decided to drive back to my house and used my covered upper deck for some photographs and ran into the yard in between sprinkles. I was determined to make this photo shoot happen and I am so glad I did. Cheryl is my co-worker at my dayjob and my friend. I will never forget that she was the first person to ensure I was welcomed into the office and always makes me smile and feel special. I was thrilled to photograph her fur babies, Bob and Steve. She rescued both of these seniors and they have brought her great joy.

Meet Bob, the Basset Hound. Such a sweetheart. I think he was humoring this silly photographer lady most of the time and really would have preferred to just go to sleep. I just love his classic Basset somber face.

Modeling is exhausting! Or I am just really boring him!

Meet Bob's partner in crime, Steve, the Blue Heeler mix. Full of energy and happiness, he loved treats and smiled pretty for me many times!

I laughed out loud when I first saw this photo. I just love how he really appears to be smiling for the camera, teeth and all!

Sometimes I just say random doggy phrases to get their attention and perkiness. "Do you want to go for a walk?" is always a great one, even though it's a huge lie! They don't mind after I give them some yummy treats though.

More treats please!!

Thank you for letting me document your precious fur babies, Cheryl, and for being such a good sport about the weather. I learned long ago that it's always worth it to have perseverance and I continue to live with that mindframe every day!


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