Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adopt me Please - Week of April 21 - Kansas City Animal Haven Dogs for Adoption

There is another fabulous line up of wonderful fur babies up for adoption at Animal Haven! With the help of another amazing volunteer who handled the dogs for me, I was able to photograph 13 dogs. It is very important to me that the person I work with has as much patience as I do with the dogs and Robin certainly did! It makes all the difference when you truly and deeply care for dogs and understand the photography process can not be rushed, just to get a quick shot.

I let the dogs smell me and learn that I am safe. I show them I have yummy treats and they usually cooperate very well. I make sure I have a good collection of shots that show their personality before I move onto the next dog. Some might only take a minute to photograph well. Others may have more energy and if it takes me longer to get the best shot, then I wait. These dogs just aren't another number to me. They are all special. They all deserve a chance. And it is extremely important to me that I make sure I am portraying their true spirits and take my time.

If you are interested in adopting one of these fur babies, please call 913 432-7548 or visit Please reference their Animal ID as well.

Meet Alexia, the Terrier! Animal ID 5514.

Meet Annabell, the senior Beagle! Animal ID 5977.

Meet Baloo, the Senior Lab! Animal ID 5839.

Meet Carter, the Lab! Animal ID 6015.

Meet Cashmere, the Boxer! Animal ID 5948.

Meet Cupcake, the Lab! Animal ID 5803.

Meet Dawn, the Border Collie! Animal ID 5940.

Meet Jilly, the Long-Haired Chihuahua! Animal ID 6060.

Meet Dutch, the Schnauzer! Animal ID 5176.

Meet Tigre, the Lab! Animal ID 0362.

Meet Hayden, the Lab! Animal ID 5946.

Meet Gracie Lou, the Shepard! Animal ID 5936.

Meet Tanner, the Nova Scotia Duck-Trolling Retriever! Animal ID 5847.


Kristen Hale said...

Such great photos! I hope they all find loving homes! Can't wait to see them all tonight =)

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