Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Pitties for Adoption at Animal Haven

I have a special place in my heart for all animals, especially dogs. Pitbulls have such a misunderstood reputation and I want everyone to remember that it's not the dog or breed that is the problem - it's how their owner treats them and how they choose to raise them. Unfortunately for the Pitbull, this is the breed that is commonly raised to fight and trained to be aggressive and even banned to own in many states. There are many Pitbulls for adoption at Animal Haven who need and deserve a loving home. They want you not to judge them based on their breed and they desperately want to prove to you they will be a loyal and loving family pet. This post is dedicated to Ella and Lenzo, two very special Pitties.

Meet sweet Ella. She is healing from a skin condition known as Mange. She is a very special girl and is available for adoption at Animal Haven in Merriam KS. Please reference Animal ID 5500.

Meet Lenzo! He is an extremely happy boy. He has been adopted a couple times, but things did not work out with his new families. Lenzo really needs someone who is kind, patient and willing to work with him and you will find out he is the sweetest & smartest boy who will love you forever. How could you not fall in love with this sweet boy's face? Please reference Animal ID is 53421 at Animal Haven in Merriam KS.


Ashley Johnson said...

I love pitties. We own one and we have fostered and found forever homes for many. This is a great breed, regardless of what society and small minded people say.

I love the pics and the fact that you are helping change people's perceptions on pit bulls. Keep being awesome!

Jen said...

Thank you so much Ashley! That is very kind of you! I appreciate the support greatly!

Kathi Thies said...

Ella and Lenzo are indeed a very special girl and boy. Lenzo has had many overnights in volunteers home and he is such a good boy in a home. Loves his car rides - he sits so politely in the passenger seat. You expect him to start a conversation with you! Lenzo loves his people.

Your pictures capture their beauty & kindness. Thanks so much for being an advocate of pitties. The more I meet, the more I adore the breed.

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