Monday, March 15, 2010

Rommel the Rottie

Meet Rommel-- The irresistible Rottweiler. Oh my goodness, he was sooooo adorable! Just look at that precious face. This photo shoot is actually a surprise to his Dad! His Dad's friend was pet-sitting Rommel and thought it would be the perfect way to already have him free for photos. He is about to turn one in April. What a sweetheart! On a sidenote, this may have been the muddiest, wettest photo shoot I have ever done! The weather has not been very cooperative lately, but I refused to let a little mud and drizzle get in the way of this shoot!

Rommel met a pretty Rottie girl in the dog park. Here he is whispering "You're cute!"

Oh how I love those doggy smiles!

Modeling works up a thirst!!

I will end with this funny photo. The wind blew his ears back for a bit. So cute!


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