Monday, March 22, 2010

Rizzo and Emmy - A Spring Photo Shoot?

So mother nature decided to dump about a foot of snow on the midwest this weekend. I think she was terribly confused because March 20 marked the official first day of Spring. Being the persistent person I am, snow was not going to stop my Sunday scheduled photo shoot! Paulette and her adorable family were such good sports about the weather, bundled in winter gear and partaking in the occasional snowball throw.

Meet Emmy! She is an adorable and very smart Lab mix who was adopted 3 times before in life and finally met her forever family when she was welcomed into the Blunt home. I love happy endings!

This shot makes me laugh. "Seriously, lady? I think we have taken enough photos today. I may have a fur coat, but don't let that fool you!"

Meet Rizzo! The soft, cuddly and slightly camera shy, Cocker Spaniel mix. This sweet girl is 11 years old and still as spunky as ever. She also really enjoys the water... even in the bitter cold, as we learned on Sunday! Apparently Rizzo was under the impression it should be Spring too, because she kept trying to get back in the water, regardless of how cold it was!

Here is sweet little Nick showing some love to his precious and protective girl Emmy.

The adorable whole family!

This may have been a "dog" photo shoot, but how could I resist not snapping a shot of Nick and his HUGE snowball?!

It was not easy getting the girls in one photo together. This was the best one and I think Paulette's adorable boots make this a really cute photo!

Peek a boo!

I will close this post with this photo, since this was the end of the photo shoot. A boy and his doggies... love it! Thank you for letting me document your family Paulette! I enjoyed every minute of it, even through the freezing cold in the middle of March!


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