Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet Hercules and Chloe!

I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful pair of fur babies this weekend! Hercules is a 2 1/2 year old Sheltie and modeling pro. He has had alot of practice with his Mommy photographing him and it shows! What a well behaved little boy. He enjoyed my treats and would give me a little bark if I didn't give him a treat quickly enough after posing pretty for multiple photos, as if to say "Hey silly photographer lady... I did what you asked, now don't forget to give me the yummy goodness!" It was pretty cute!

And then came sister! Chloe, a Corgi/Sheltie is the latest addition - a young pup, just 5 months old. She was a bit distracted by all the excitement at the dog park, but I think I managed to capture her many personalities!

Mom was very surprised when Chloe made a surprise dive into the water! It was a bit chilly and I can imagine the water temperature was not very pleasant!

These two humored me and sat together for a few photos also.

They also had a blast playing tug with their toys.

Awwww come on, Mom! No more pictures! Aren't we done yet?

And I will end with this photo of the wet pair frolicking along the rocky area of the lake. They are just precious. Thank you for letting me document your fur babies, Tracey! I hope to see them again sometime!


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