Friday, March 19, 2010

A Humbling Reminder to Treasure our Pets

This story was posted by another dog/wedding photographer that I follow, April Ziegler. It really moved me and I hope it does the same for everyone that reads this.

I listen to the complaints and agonized confusion of new dog owners and think: How lucky they are to be starting their path with this new dog; How beautiful and healthy and virile are these animals, with the desire to run and jump and play games foremost on their minds.

I wonder why they can’t think ahead to the time when there’s no more running or jumping, only painful slow walking; When there’s little game playing, mostly memories of past good times together;When the muzzle is gray, the eyes cloudy and the virile, tautly muscled body is now soft and bowed;

And I wonder how they get so caught up in the difficulties that they can’t see the joys of puppyhood and adolescence and young adulthood, replete with their problems, of course, but filled with boundless exuberance.

And I think of you, and I wish we were starting our path again instead of coming to its inevitable end. Oh how I wish to see you young and virile and full of fire and determination again; How I wish you’d pull on the leash instead of being so unsteady in your footing; How I wish you’d steal food from the counter instead of my having to think about force feeding; How I wish you’d jump on me again instead of having to be helped to stand. And when new owners are praying to God for the patience to last one more day with their dogs, I’m praying to God to please give us one more good day together.

How I wish the others could see into the future and feel the pain of impending loss of such special, special friend.

Oh how I wish!

Author:Barbara Kahn


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