Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cute Distractions

I love taking the dogs I photograph to Shawnee Mission Park in the off-leash dog area. There is pretty scenery, plenty of space, adorable benches, and even a lake with lots of cobblestones. There is also the occasional mud... and always a cute distraction......

My latest cute distraction is this adorable Golden named Dakota. His Dad takes him to the park all the time, and I usually have an encounter with Dakota during my photo sessions. He always comes up to me. Maybe he just really loves me or wants to steal the spotlight and have his picture taken too. OK, who am I kidding? I think he is drooling for a treat! He smells my treat pouch right away and one time I was almost flattened to the ground when he was trying to get to my treats! I cant help but laugh at that moment. My clients are always so understanding when random dogs come up to me and try to get in on the action. Of course I can't ignore another fur baby, so I give them some attention and a treat, secretly hoping they don't distract the current dog I am photographing too much! Dakota, I think you need my full attention for a photo shoot all to yourself really soon. You are a ham! Until next time at the park!


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