Friday, March 26, 2010

Altering & Editing Photos - It's Magic!

If you have not followed my business for awhile, you may still wonder why I call myself
"FixYourImages Photography." My journey began when I only offered photo restoration services to clients. My website has always been known as My love for photography has grown over the years and one day something clicked inside me and I knew I wanted to add photography services to my business as well. I quickly learned that dog photography is my ultimate passion. Knowing how to implement photo restoration and editing was really the key to my success though. You would be amazed at some of the "before" photos, straight out of the camera. If you are a potential client and worried about anything appearing in your photos that you don't want there, have no fear, because I can zap it right out! Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

Here you see that the leash (including around neck area) has been removed. If you look closely, the shadow from the leash has also been removed. This was one of the fur babies I photographed at Animal Haven, who require their dogs to be on a leash during photo shoots. I feel the leash really takes away from their beauty though, so I usually remove it.

Here is Brutes the bulldog! His owner preferred he stay on a leash during his photo session. Notice how the leash is wrapped around him in the first photo, but gone in the second!

Here is Maverick. His owners also preferred he stay leashed during his photo shoot, but no one will ever know!

Ginger had some large ID tags that distracted from her beautiful fur in some of the shots, so I removed it!

Here is Brutes again. Notice his leash and tag are zapped out of the second photo, along with the distracting shadow under his legs.

And here is a beautiful family portrait! How in the world did I manage to get everyone looking at me and smiling, even the dogs? This is my best kept secret, but I will tell you that I "swap heads/bodies" with many of the group photos that I take. There is always enough shots to choose from where I can "swap enough heads/bodies" to make one group photo perfect!


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