Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adopt me Please - Week of March 15

I am visiting Animal Haven on a regular basis now. I plan to return weekly to photograph the adoptable doggies in need. The more I photograph there, the more I fall in love with helping these precious pets. They all need and deserve a voice - and I hope I can be that voice. If you are interested in adopting one of these fur babies, please call 913 432-7548 or visit http://www.animalhavenkc.org/. Please reference their Animal ID as well.

Hi, my name is Dre. I am a Husky.... I have been told I am very beautiful, but I am a little modest! I am very well behaved, friendly and longing to find a new and loving home. My ID is 5442.

Hi, my name is Duffy. I am a very active and loving Pittie girl. Please don't let my breed scare you off. I am such a good doggy! My ID is 5450.

Charlotte, the Pittie here! Don't let my tough look fool you. I am just anxious to find a new home. I am really a nice doggy. Would you let me prove to you how much I will love you? My ID is 5302.

I am Roseanne, a Shepard/Border Collie. I am very shy and a little tentative of people. Once I know you are safe, I will give you a great big hug and kiss! Please welcome me into your family and I know you will not regret it! My ID is 5302.

Paxton here! I am a Rottie mix and a very well behaved boy, if I do say so myself! I follow basic commands and would love to be the newest member of your family. My ID is 5426.

I am Booth! I am told I am a Pittie and some people are unsure of my breed. But, look at my face! I couldn't harm a fly! I love to smile and be silly. I am very well behaved and follow basic commands. Just look how pretty I sat for the nice photographer lady? Please give me a chance.


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