Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remington's Snowy Beard

Whenever I have a day off from work during the week, I always try to give Remington a photo shoot. Mainly because I adore him and love to capture every little thing he does, but it is also great practice to improve my photography skills. I have learned some very valuable tips from fellow dog photographers in the industry. One kind photographer advised that I should be watermarking and protecting my work. So, in the future I will be watermarking all photos that appear on this blog with my logo.

I tried shooting in Aperture Priority mode and played with my ISO, versus choosing "auto" and hoping the camera would figure it out. I have been told that it's not a good idea to shoot in auto mode, so we as photographers, have more control over the end result. So, the below photos were taken in Aperture Priority mode with an ISO of about 400-800 and an Aperture of either 5 or 5.6. Normally an ISO can be left at 100-200 on a sunny day, but bumping up the ISO helps tremendously in this dreary weather with overcast skies. Remington, complete with snowy beard, enjoyed being my model outside even in the cold weather. As always, I would love your feedback!


Anonymous said...

Voted! Go Remington go!

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