Monday, February 22, 2010

Remington - Model Behavior

As funny as it sounds, I think Remington really does enjoy my photo shoots and being my model every weekend. When he seems to need attention, I know just the thing to do! I break out my Nikon, a bag of treats and take Remmy to the best area of the house with natural light and I just practice my skills. As you can see, Remington is so patient and pretty much perfect in my opinion! He seems to know the routine now and will do various poses for me (not even on command) and is rewarded with lots of love and yummy treats. Here are my favorites from this weekend. And don't let these photos fool you because it was a yucky and dreary weekend with hardly any sun! I am just learning how to place my subjects in just the right light and use a proper ISO on my camera.


mom said...

these are so cute of remmie honey, what great photos.

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