Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh that Schnauzer Beard

Oh, Remington, your white beard is so hard to keep clean. I figured I better snap some shots of you after I brushed you and BEFORE we headed out to play in the snow.

And here is Remington's adventures in the snow. It has become a ritual for him to jump up on our built-in bench seating on the deck when I let him out. He wants to get a better look and make sure everything is in order before he proceeds into the yard.

After his quick review and approval of the area, he decided to find the muddy grassy goodness under the snow. Oh Remington, why must you always bury your pretty white beard into the dirty ground?

Because it's fun, Mom! See, I totally meant to get mud on my nose and beard. I am giving you some different photo opportunities.

Uh oh... I know that look...does this mean I am going to need a bath?

Hmmpf. You know I am not a fan of baths, Mom.... but, it was worth it. I love snow!!!


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