Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My fur baby and his monkey

Wow, I think it's been too long since I posted an entry here! I did not have any doggy photo shoots scheduled last weekend, so apparently I had nothing to post! But, there is always a good reason to blog about my fur baby. Here he is with his new monkey, compliments of Grandma Hague. She brought this little guy all the way back from San Diego. Being the creative photographer I am, I decided to see if the ropes on the toy would (comfortably) fit around his neck. And here is the end result! He literally has a monkey on his back!

Do I make this look easy or what? I am known by some as the "dog whisperer" of photography, but I am definitely blessed with the perfect dog too. Remington is so patient, he would pretty much let me do anything to him that I wanted. He has posed in a large basket, worn sunglasses, sported a mini-chiefs helmet, celebrated the new year with beads and a "happy new year" tiara and enjoyably worn booties, hoodies and dozens of sweaters, just to name a few! Oh I love my Remington. Thanks for being the best furry model ever!


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