Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lazy Dog Art - Fabulous Hand Painted Artwork

I have been blessed with many new fans on my Facebook page. One of my new fans is Susie Hooban of Lazy Dog Art.

She immediately commented on my photos with kind and supportive words. I learned she was a dog painter/artist based out of Washington DC. I have a great appreciation for artists because while I may be computer-graphically creative, I could not draw a stick figure to save my life! Once I saw her amazing portraits, I was extremely impressed. What a gift to be able to give someone. One of the most touching things she wrote to me was, "Your photos are so inspiring that I knew as soon as I saw them that I wanted to paint one." Wow. What an amazing compliment.

Susie is very similar to me, in the fact that she has a true passion for what she does and is deeply connected with dogs. She also finds joy in raising money for rescues with her art through raffles and donations.

Susie has been painting and drawing since she was the mere age of 5. She began to see pet portraits as her passion when she painted a portrait of Brian (an English Pointer that she later rescued) who was sitting at her doorstep one day. Her furry family grew when she adopted Dwight and Crash, Hound-mixed brothers that were rescued from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. Susie has such a kind heart and I know the world will be seeing much more from this talented artist! Here are a few of her portraits below. Find her on Facebook and contact her at lazydogart@hotmail.com if you would like a painting created from one of your favorite doggy photos!


Pam Utton said...

nice work - favorite is the black dog with the tulips

Marta... said...

My fav is the nose close up! can i ask what paint is it and if it is on canvas or canvas board????i love the colors!!!!!!!!

Susie susan Hooban (lazydogart@hotmail.com) said...

Hi Marta! I'm Susie, the artist, and they are painted in Acrylics on Gallery wrapped canvas (1.5" thick sides that are painted on), so they are ready to hang without a frame. They are also Super affordable with lots of size options for uder $100 so that ALL dog lovers can own one and give as perfect personalized gifts. Thank you for the compliment!! The big nose one is my baby Brian :)

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