Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Importance of Capturing your Furry Child

My friend Erin wrote me the sweetest testimonial the other day. I have it posted on my main website, but wanted to share it here as well, along with some of my favorite moments from Charger's photo shoot. For those of you that did not see the original post back in the summer, Charger is nearing age 15, but still full of life and love. I will never forget the first day I met him years ago and Erin told me she had never seen him act so calm around a stranger. I loved capturing this sweet boy. After reading her testimonial, I hope everyone feels the importance of capturing photos of your furry children, especially as they get older.

"This last summer, Greg and I set out on vacation and we boarded our dog, Charger, at the vet's office. When we returned, we found out Charger's stomach flipped while we were gone and he had to undergo surgery. It was scary to think that we came that close to losing him while we were so far away. I had been planning to get professional photos of Charger for awhile (and after this alarming experience) I chose Jennifer for the job. Jen was so good with Charger. He normally barks at people for a long time when they walk in the door, but he was very calm around her. Her pictures were fabulous, and her price was unbeatable. My husband was skeptical about getting the photos at first, but once he saw them, he was so happy we did it. He's always talking about "Those wonderful pictures that Jen took." Jen preserved our memories of Charger in a way that we never could have done on our own. I would highly recommend her."


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