Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remington says Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is Remington stopping by Mommy's blog to say Happy 34th Birthday Daddy! I love you! Oh and technically Daddy really doesnt have a birthday this year. He was born on Leap Year (February 29) and only has a birthday once every 4 years, so he always jokes that he is actually only 8 years old. Silly Daddy.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dozier - Featured Furry Fan of the Month!

Recently I announced that I would be featuring a fur baby on my blog once per month. I had many wonderful doggy parents post photos of their beloved furry children on my Facebook fan page and I enjoy seeing each and every one of them, so please keep them coming! One doggy in particular that was posted on my page really spoke to my heart. Meet Dozier, the 2 year old, Red, male Dogue de Bordeux. This sweet boy was signed over to animal control after he had mange that went untreated for over a year and due to malnourishment. Currently he is with the Colorado Rescue, Big Dogs Huge Paws, and is healing nicely.

Big Dogs Huge Paws is currently fostering dogs in 9 states and has volunteers from coast to coast. They have over 200 volunteers and have adopted dogs from CA to CO, in the last 19 months. At last count they had rescued over 660 dogs and adopted out over 545 of them, to loving forever homes. Dozier is available to anyone, and they help provide transportation in the region of CO, KS, OK, TX, NE, UT, NM, MO, ID. If you live outside of that area they ask the forever families to make arrangements to come to them.

With proper care and feeding, Dozier will regain his fur and be back to a healthy weight. He is house trained, crate trained, and his foster family will be working with him on other training and commands. I can see the love and hope in Dozier's eyes and know he will love his new permanent family with all his doggy heart. Lucky for us, dogs forgive and love unconditionally, even after undergoing such cruelty as this.

For those of you that didn't know (because I didn't), a Dogue de Bordeux is also known as a French Mastiff. The Bordeux has a good and calm temperament. It is extremely loyal, patient and devoted to his family. Fearless and confrontational with strangers, he is a first class guard dog and is gentle with children and family members.

And since I love doggy quotes, this one seemed fitting: “The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.”- George Graham Vest

*Please note: Photos below were pulled from Dozier's page on Big Dogs Huge Paws website and is not credited to FixYourImages Photography*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When it all Began...

When I think back to when I first started incorporating my passion for dogs into my life, I remember I was about 13, discovering I loved to write. I would sit down at my desk in front of my totally awesome Brother Word Processor and just type away and compile short stories about dogs.

My first inspiration was Galahad, my family's beloved Lhasa Apso. I loved him so much and as he aged, I wrote a story about him, documenting his various life stages. I have always been an extremely determined and persevering person and I submitted this story (and many others) to every magazine/journal possible, hoping that just one might notice me. Well, one magazine did notice me after many rejections from other publications. "Fetch the Paper", a small doggy magazine gave me a chance and published my article about Galahad. It was bittersweet because Galahad, the first dog I had ever known and the reason I am such a dog lover today, was put to sleep at age 17, just a few weeks before the article was published and a memoriam note was added before it went to print.

The editor of Fetch the Paper, September Morn (who is now a columnist for Dog Fancy and I just reconnected with her) believed in me and submitted the published article for a chance to win the DWAA (Dog Writers Association of America) Junior Writer Award. I will never forget the feeling I had when September called me and told me I had won. I believe I was 15 at the time of the award. This is a huge accomplishment for anyone, but at 15, I was astonished. I won $250 and a coveted Maxwell Medallion and certificate, which I found this past weekend when cleaning up one of our closets. It immediately took me back to when I first knew I loved dogs with all my heart and I am so proud to see where I am today, still incorporating my love for dogs through photography.

You may notice there are two medallions in the below photo. September actually published another article I had written a few years later, which was an interview of Galahad's vet. She submitted that article to another DWAA contest, and I actually won again. What an accomplishment for such a young girl I was. I always remember preaching that "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." I knew if you didn't try repeatedly, regardless of how many times you fell, you may never persevere. And to this very day, I still hold true to this belief.

Forgive the poor quality and non-natural light photo, but this was too cute for me not to post. After I was placing the awards on the bench to photograph, Remington, my sweet fur baby, jumped onto the bench and just looked at me.. he knows the drill!

Adopt Me Please

I recently visited Animal Haven in Merriam KS and photographed some very precious doggies up for adoption. I have always known I wanted to work with dogs, but it wasn't until I began my photography ventures, that the plan for my life really became clear to me. Dog photography is my passion, my love, my joy. I remember always wanting to volunteer at an animal shelter, knowing deep in my heart that I wanted to help, but I just never had the courage to do so.

Until now. I decided it was time for me to offer my photography services to shelters, in hopes that I could portray each dogs true soul for the world to see. Even if my photos just speak to one person and leads them to adopt, it is worth every ounce of my time. I knew it would be incredibly hard to visit a shelter and be faced with the harsh reality of abandoned dogs. But, it was even harder than I imagined. There were so many dogs just crying for attention and love. They all deserve a nice warm home, full of hugs and kisses. It broke my heart, but I had to put those feelings aside for a moment and give my complete attention to the select doggies that desperately needed their photos taken. So, here are just a few of the many doggies that need a new, loving home. Please open your hearts and spread the word to all your friends and family. All of the dogs below are available at Animal Haven in Merriam KS. Contact 913 432-7548 if you are interested in adopting. I will be returning to Animal Haven and any other shelter that needs assistance with photographing animals. The act of helping in this way brought me so much joy and I can not wait to continue offering my assistance. "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Anonymous

*Note: You may also notice these photos are not watermarked. It is not my intention to advertise my photography services through this avenue, so I did not copyright or watermark these photos. Please feel free to share the photos below with anyone who may want to adopt or know someone who wants to adopt.*

Mikhael, Doberman. Animal ID 5262

Geisha, Lab Retriever. Animal ID 5300

Bridget, Golden Retriever. Animal ID 5386

Phoenix, Australian Shepard (Cattle Dog). Animal ID 5365

Francine, Terrier. Animal ID 5362

Young Puppy, Rottie. Almost ready for adoption.

Gentry, Shepard. Animal ID 5311

Dahlia, Pit Bull Terrier. Animal ID 4958

Zandra, Cocker Spaniel. Animal ID 5350

Monday, February 22, 2010

Remington - Model Behavior

As funny as it sounds, I think Remington really does enjoy my photo shoots and being my model every weekend. When he seems to need attention, I know just the thing to do! I break out my Nikon, a bag of treats and take Remmy to the best area of the house with natural light and I just practice my skills. As you can see, Remington is so patient and pretty much perfect in my opinion! He seems to know the routine now and will do various poses for me (not even on command) and is rewarded with lots of love and yummy treats. Here are my favorites from this weekend. And don't let these photos fool you because it was a yucky and dreary weekend with hardly any sun! I am just learning how to place my subjects in just the right light and use a proper ISO on my camera.

Featured on

I have learned recently that networking with other dog organizations is very beneficial. I have learned so much from just meeting new doggy lovers and other animal businesses on Facebook. I was contacted recently by a publishing company called Animalinfo Publications, who specializes in pet and animal care digital books. They recently launched a large animal information website, providing users with lots of helpful information in the form of free fact sheets on animal care, animal health, behavior. Their site also includes a directory of supplier’s, breeder’s and clubs. They offered to feature me for free for 2 years as they continue to populate the site. Feel free to check out my listing on their page here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Featured on

I am so honored by all my new supporters on my Facebook page. I was extremely humbled to learn that chose me as one of their featured businesses on their Friday Roundup column. Everyone's support means so much to me. Thank you for believing in me and my photography. I look forward to growing and learning along with each of you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Vote for Remington in the MVP Pet Contest by Bissell!

There are many words to describe my fur baby Remington. Here are just a few of my favorites...









And most of all, handsome! Help Remington win the MVP Pet Contest by Bissell by voting for him here. The grand prize winner will have their pet featured on a Bissell box, and given $10,000 to donate to a pet charity, a Bissell pet vacuum or deep cleaner and a"Perfect for you and your pet" shopping spree. Remington and I thank you for your support!