Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet Maverick & Steve

Meet Maverick! He is an adorable, lovable and goofy lab mix that I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend. Check out that spotted tongue!

I also met Maverick's buddy Steve, another adorable and fun-loving lab. These boys were hilarious. I think they secretly really loved the camera. Just look at Steve hamming it up below.

Maverick was so excited over the photo shoot, he was drooling by the end!

Steve would sit pretty for some yummy dog biscuits.

And in the process, Steve was displaying all kinds of paw signals. So cute!

Steve & Maverick really wanted to show their Christmas spirit by wearing these antlers and Christmas hat.

The photos were taken at Unity Village and there was a really cute little building that had the perfect door and stone for some family photos.

Thank you Manes Family for letting me be a part of these photos. It's clear that Maverick & Steve love you both very much! It was a pleasure capturing these moments, even on this very chilly day!


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