Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brutes the Bulldog of Many Faces

Oh that face... those wrinkles, that wiggly booty! Brutes, aka B2 is too cute for words. His Mom learned of my services through the doggy daycare that we take our fur babies to. She really wanted photos of Brutes with his girlfriend, the Boxer, Aida, but due to scheduling conflicts, that will happen on another date. In the meantime, just look at this face and prepare to smile!

The "droop" face, as his Mom pointed out.

The "vampire" face.

The "Are we seriously walking one more inch?" face.

The "open mouth" face

The "adorably pitiful" face.

The "Are we almost done?" face.

The "Are you really making me wear this Christmas collar?" face.

The "Ok, I thought the collar was bad enough, but now the hat??!" face.

The "reflective and pouty" face.

The "underbite" face.


Kenna Skinner said...

Oh he is just precious! I love him! Scott has always wanted a bulldog!!! #2 is my fav! You know me and eyes! XOXO

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