Monday, November 2, 2009

Remington + Bailey

I love dogs. I absolutely love everything about them and I especially love photographing them! It is extremely hard work to capture the attention of our furry friends long enough to snap the perfect photo, but when I do, it's an amazing feeling! This first photo below is my favorite of the whole day.

Meet Bailey! Isn't she the cutest? She is a Carlin Pinscher. (Part pug and part miniature pinscher). She is the new four legged child of my friends Lisa and Ryan. They brought Bailey over to meet Remington for a Sunday playdate and these hilarious furballs had us in laughs the whole time!

Look at those facial expressions. Priceless! (If you could only see the crazy noises, faces and things I do to get a dog's attention towards the lens!)

Dan gathered and raked up the millions of leaves in our backyard into huge piles for Bailey & Remington to "explore". They needed a bit of coaxing.

These two LOVED to wrestle. Bailey would rumble some cute puppy growls ever so often. Wow, there was a lot of puppy energy between the two of them!

Treats please!

Our grown up boy. 8 months old now!

Some slobbery kisses.

The lovely family!

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Are you tempted yet to have your furry child's photos taken? E-mail me at for some holiday doggy photo shoot specials!


Kenna said...

Hi Jen...just wanted to let you know that the first picture in this post is my favorite that you have EVER taken! I just LOVE it! Bailey's eyes just capture me! Can't wait to get together tomorrow!


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