Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Moment with Remington

Ok, Mom. I am all ears. What did you need to talk about?

Wow, I need to sit down for this. What's that? You are offering 1/2 price doggy photo shoots in November and December?

Seriously... are you sure, Mom? Are you messing with me? That seems too good to be true! I need to make sure you are serious before I go telling all my doggy buddies. In fact, I don't believe you. I know you couldn't possibly be offering photo shoots at half price. If I am wrong, you can even give me a bubble bath! And you know how much I hate baths.

Awwww, shucks. You really were serious. Guess I can go ahead and tell all my 4-legged buddies to take advantage of this paws-itively amazing deal!


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