Sunday, November 15, 2009

Charger - Likes: Hot Dogs; Dislikes: Feline Species

I still remember the first day I met my friend Erin and Greg's dog, Charger. Back in 2005, when I first visited their home, Erin was in awe when Charger immediately was drawn to me and did not continue to bark. She even said he appeared to like me more than he liked her! (But I know that's not true and Charger loves you very much, Erin!)

So, when I recently learned that Erin wanted me to take some photos of Greg and Charger, I was extremely excited to capture these precious memories. This sweetheart of a Golden Retriever mix is now 14 1/2 years young, gets along just a bit slower and is slightly deaf in his older age. He was only 6 months old when Greg found him wandering around the outside of a Kmart store. When Greg returned from vacation, he noticed this same little stray was still lingering around. Greg did not plan on keeping him, but an unspoken connection was apparent and Charger worked his way into his new forever home and into Greg's heart.

You may be curious about the origination of Charger's name. This feisty character is not a fan of the feline species and would charge any cat that came in his way, including a metal silhouette of a cat in someone's yard that was no match for Charger.

What touched me most about this recent photo shoot was that Charger very recently experienced a flipped stomach (Canine stomach-flip is a serious condition usually found in large breeds. Their chest and abdominal cavities are large and their stomach has plenty of room to move and flip.) Thankfully, he was able to have emergency surgery to correct the problem. I cant imagine how scary this must have been for Greg and Erin. The loss of a pet is a devastating experience and I know this was a blessing that Charger's life was spared. Erin and Greg, I hope you cherish these memories and love them as much as I do!

And now, a moment in Charger's Head:

Oooooh, I see the hot dog goodness.

I am going to start salivating any moment now. Please hurry.

Hey, I can only attempt to jump so many times for this treat. You know I am getting older.

OK, here it comes... Woooo hoooooo!

By the end of the shoot, Charger appears to be exhausted and thinking, "Are we done yet???!!"

"Seriously, are we done? Modeling is rough work for a dog my age. Afterall, I am about 100 in human years!" OK, Charger, with that pitiful expression, I finally put the camera away. Love this sweet dog!!


Charlotte Reeves said...

What an old sweetie.. good work on the pics, you really captured the bond between him and his Mum and Dad. Well done!

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