Thursday, September 3, 2009

Restoration Challenge!

Many of you may wonder why the name of my business is "FixYourImages Photography." It all began when I started my initial website and only offered restoration photo services. As time passed, I could not deny my love for photography and knew I wanted to somehow incorporate those services into my overall business. I had already branded my website name and felt it would be counterproductive to alter it, so why not just keep my website domain and tweak my business name to suit it?

So in the spirit of remembering where I first began, here is an example of one of my most challenging restoration projects. Notice you can not even see the leopard's face or baby cub in the before version. I definitely had to work some magic in this one and my secrets can not be revealed! I am up for a new challenge though. So if you have a photo that is old, torn, discolored, chewed and spit out by the dog, run over by the car or even needs someone added or removed, please send to me! And if you recruit 10 fans to my Facebook business page, I will even offer you a 50% discount on a restoration service. Just comment on this blog or Facebook so I know you are participating!


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