Monday, August 31, 2009

FREE Doggy Photo Shoot Opportunity

Lucky for my fur baby Remington, he gets a free photo shoot every week! But I am sure there are other dog owners out there who would enjoy the same for their pet! So here is my latest promotion for a FREE doggy photo shoot. The first person to get 25 new people to become a fan of my Facebook business page will get a FREE doggy photo shoot (including a CD with edited photos and including some cute doggy qoutes as shown below) Just leave a comment on this blog entry so I know who is interested and participating! Just send the link to my page to all your Facebook friends and the word will spread! In the meantime, enjoy a day in the life of Remington the Miniature Schnauzer.


Becky Hilburn Fruits said...

I'm interested...not sure if I can do 50 people though. I would love to have some pictures of my silly pooches.

margie hilburn said...

Becky, hope this helps you get a free photo shoot for the pooches. Beautiful photography.

Amy King said...

I'm recruiting now - I would love for my Pee Wee to become a model :)

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